CUC: Chief engineer for water and wastewater did not resign

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COMMONWEALTH Utilities Corp. Executive Director Gary Camacho on Tuesday said CUC’s chief engineer for water and wastewater did not resign contrary to what was reported on Monday.

He said Joseph Carlson, who was hired by CUC in August, “plans to leave the island but has submitted a request [on Friday] to continue as a part-time employee working off-site to complete some tasks he considers very important to CUC.”

Camacho said Carlson’s request is “under consideration.”

“He has not resigned and will not be considered as such until a determination is made regarding his request for part-time work,” he added.

Camacho said Carlson’s wife was offered a “unique teaching opportunity in Melbourne, Australia, and this drove their decision to relocate.”

“This new endeavor would allow my wife to meet the requirements of her sabbatical, and would allow me more cherished time with my children,” Camacho quoted Carlson as saying.

Carlson then added: “I would very much like to continue to be a part of the CUC team, and to help CUC in any way that I can. If that help comes in the form of managing projects, managing programs, and/or if that means maintaining some or all of the responsibilities of the chief engineer, I’d like the opportunity to continue what we’ve started.”

Carlson wants to be allowed “to do so remotely. I believe that this type of arrangement could not only provide value to CUC but that it could also benefit me and my family. I believe this type of arrangement could be a win-win.”

Carlson stated that it was a “bittersweet decision for him and his family since they had truly gotten very fond of Saipan and its people.”

Carlson expressed appreciation for the support of CUC’s staff and management, Camacho said.

He said he is hoping that Carlson can continue performing part-time work for CUC.


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