Agape tops Academic Challenge Bowl

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AFTER two years in last place, Agape Christian School clinched the top spot in this year’s Academic Challenge Bowl-Middle School Division hosted by the Saipan Southern High School-National Honor Society.

Agape Christian School topped the 18th annual Academic Challenge Bowl hosted by the Saipan Southern High School National Honor Society on Saturday. From left, Bo Chen, Zhu Li, ACS principal and coach Jimean Pang, Eunice Xu Juan, Alex Liang and Wang Yuanwei.  Photo by Lori Lyn C. Lirio

Fifty-five students from 11 private and public schools participated in the academic challenge competition held in the SSHS cafeteria on Saturday morning.

In the first round, Mount Carmel School and Francisco M. Sablan Middle School took first and second places, respectively.

ACS was tied with Green Meadow School and Hopwood Middle School in the third spot.

These five schools then competed in the final round.

ACS secured the top spot by garnering 765 points, followed by Green Meadow School with 755; Mount Carmel School, 735; Francisco M. Sablan Middle School, 690; and Hopwood Middle School, 610.

The ACS team is composed of eighth graders Bo Chen, Zhu Li, Eunice Xu Juan, Alex Liang, and Wang Yuanwei.

In an interview, ACS principal and team coach Jimeian Pang said they have been participating in the competition for years now, but it’s their first time to win first place.

In 2019, ACS finished 11th; in 2018, 13th.

She said this year they participated without any expectation of winning, but all her students came prepared.

“We were really happy when we made it to the top three. My students worked very hard. We really didn’t expect to get first place, but my students tried their best,” Pang added.

The team had two weeks to prepare for the competition. “I just gave them stuff to read and that’s it. They were loaded with so many other things in school. My greatest joy was to see the students helping themselves and praying to the Lord for helping them.”

To prepare for the competition, Agape team captain Zhu Li said each member had to focus on one competition subject, and they had to brush up on it every night.


1) Agape Christian School – 765 points

2) Green Meadow School – 755

3) Mount Carmel School – 735

4) Francisco M. Sablan Middle School – 690

5) Hopwood Middle School – 610

6) Grace Christian Academy – 285

7) Eucon International School – 265

8) Chacha Ocean View Middle School – 255

9) Dandan Middle School – 255

10) Saipan International School – 250

11) Northern Marianas International School – 180

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