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CAUSE & Effect is a true phenomenon in the realm of the physical world and almost in every aspect of life on planet earth.

Being a retired teacher, I literally love teaching opportunities when my critics get it ALL WRONG. FYI readers who didn’t get it, I believe in the statement by Dr. Lawrence Camacho of the Democrats being “in the perfect place at this point in space and time” as it is a prophetic statement with monumental implications. His statement is virtually dyer as we must carpe diem (seize this moment in space & time) to reorganize the Democrat Party and the People to take back OUR Government from a corrupt GOP. If WE the People don’t seize this moment in space and time to UNITE then there is little hope for the future. My concerns were NEVER about the future as like a new born baby WE the People must live in the NOW and use our wisdom as adults to plan and prepare for a BRIGHTER and BETTER FUTURE. I appreciate any educational lesson but when the lesson is being twisted with no understanding of the many “INFERENCES” in using the phrase carpe diem I thought it was necessary to “reteach” an important lesson in politics and in life in general about carpe diem. I first learned the phrase from some graduating High Schoolers at Rota’s Graduation when I was on the Board of Education. “Carpe Diem” was their Slogan.

If WE the People and the Democrat Party don’t carpe diem we will virtually be right back where we were some 7 years ago with virtually the SAME people running our Government. I keep saying the election is a marathon and it is critical to winning FOR the People that we start running NOW so that it won’t matter what the GOP does come election season they will already be toooooo far behind to catch-up. Heck, the Governor and his GOP are even helpless now trying to defend themselves for misusing Government funds and the Governor is also under a RICO investigation. They are being bombed by the Minority and Kandit News on CNMI Laws the Governor has been allegedly breaking for YEARS! I was wondering about the Magic Trick of a receipt on Rota when the Governor was somewhere else which makes me wonder does he just collect receipts to get reimbursed as it seems and the hand written ones are so pathetic I have to laugh to keep from crying over how the Governor has literally been playing the system for OUR money!

The Democrats need the Right People to join in, especially those who want to run for office in opposition to the GOP. We ALL need to start building real SYNERGY now and that means we must carpe diem! It may be too late in waiting on election season to start thinking about carpe diem because the general public is well-known for having a SHORT memory when it comes to politics for some reason. I recently asked the question of what major things the GOP has truly done and I bet the only answer the average person could come up with was the casino. Yes, only the casino after 22 years of complete GOP rule. Heck, we know more about what they killed and messed up like La Fiesta, the Paseo De Marianas Mall (I think that was the name which shows how bad it was) and the list of failures goes on up to the present day.

After 22 years of the GOP NOW is the time to rally the troops and to make the push to put an end to what has literally become ORGANIZED CRIME in two Branches of our Government. When the GOP President tells us all the allegations against the Governor are baseless and the Governor is not going to be impeached and he is not even an elected official, it tells me WE the People have a DICTATORSHIP not a Democracy! WE the People would literally have to be FOOLS to not want to carpe diem at this point in space and time. The Democrats are right on time with the efforts to carpe diem in unifying potential candidates and the People of the CNMI for the final run to the finish line in at the Polls! So, it’s not so much about the future at this point in space and time but the NOW! There is a great deal of work that must be done NOW if WE the People are going to resurrect our dead Democracy with a healthy two-party system that our Government was meant to have by our Founding Fathers.

The consequences of corruption is destruction, not prosperity!

WE the People have a very simple goal but the tasks of achieving that goal are many and even complex challenges which is why there will be consequences if we FAIL to DO ALL that is needed to be DONE to accomplish the goal of citizens who know the GOP is corrupt and we must get RID of the GOP for now. Give the GOP a rest after 22 straight years as they HAD toooo many chances. WE the People are seeing the consequences of absolute power by the GOP in the biggest corruption Investigation in the history of the CNMI. We are seeing the consequences of austerity forced on the People while the IPI Investors got a pass. We are seeing the consequences of a corrupt Government who literally GAVE-AWAY the People’s Mariana Resort without a Lease Agreement for FREE literally. We are reaping all kinds of adverse consequences because of the GOP’s corrupt approach to governing without any checks & balances on the Governor.

I think most people who know we are reaping the consequences of what we sowed in giving the GOP absolute power are thinking WE could really use some greatness in our Political Arena. But I guess the commenter who said “the words Democrat and Greatness shouldn’t be in the same paragraph” does not understand what greatness truly is when its looking them in the face. The Democrats are trying to “make the CNMI GREAT Again” by saving our dead Democracy and readers need to know that Dr. Camacho is ALREADY Great, just read his bio to see how much of an idiot commenters sound attacking a genuine GREAT CNMI Hero in every-since of the word HERO! Is this truly how you welcome a CNMI hero home as you are an embarrassment to YOUR People to attack him for NOTHING other than politics, for TRUE!

I think WE can all see the bias ugliness in these kinds of comments attacking Dr. Camacho and especially when they are calling for Mr. Ada to DEFEND the GOP. Well and FYI commenters, there is NOTHING left to defend as WE the People can-see-clearly-now the FBI have arrived and Kandit News have helped the People to see the consequences of a corrupt Governor and his GOP crew in the Legislature. 1. WE know the Governor took money for himself and/or for the GOP Party from foreign investors which is a Federal crime. 2. WE now know why the Governor didn’t try to collect the Community Chest millions BEFORE declaring austerity as he was protecting IPI. 3. WE now know why the Governor allowed IPI to “waste-away” the Mariana Resort with no lease payment to the People — the big and even BOLD in-our-face favor to IPI? WE can see the petty greed in the many reimbursements that were obviously ILLEGAL? WE even see how members of the Legislature are trying to hide the truth about their misuse of funds which tells anyone with common sense WE can’t even trust our GOP Legislature anymore.

WE can see the consequences of electing a fully powerful GOP that can’t be trusted to perform their duty to our Constitution and the People. WE should KNOW the consequences if WE don’t do something to take back control of our Government from the GOP — yes more corruption, nepotism and a host of other unwanted things. The good thing about consequences is there is almost ALWAYS a reciprocal effect and in this case the Governor, the GOP and the dirty-30 will all surely suffer the consequences of their grossly unethical and even illegal activities. As for the comments about the Democrats and Dr. Camacho, my God, at least give them a CHANCE before you start vomiting your political condemnation — it’s called following the “Golden Rule” which is true righteousness and wisdom with respect. To be continued: One People One Direction.

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.


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