Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 81: The classic battles of good v evil

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THE classic battles of Good v Evil are playing out here in the CNMI and on the mainland of our nation and both are driven by what is the BETTR Good FOR the People v the Evil Politics OF the GOP.

The great thing about the many battles of good v evil is that GOOD always wins in the final round of the contest. Evil will win some rounds, but in the end, Good will ALWAYS prevail as TIME is always on the side of GOOD, not evil. Trump’s evil may win in the Impeachment but I still have faith in the majority of Americans to kick him out of office. Governor Torres may win some of the counts he will be charged with but in the end, he will be found guilty of others — so he will be out too with his counterpart hopefully by the mid-terms.

The Governor wants to tell us now that he is totally innocent of violating the law with all his reimbursements as if We the People are ALL fools. He may have conjured up some kind of rational that won’t pass the common-sense test but there are just tooooo many examples of items that in no-way could be for the People. WE do know the difference between personal items and things needed to run the government but instead our Governor follows his “Trump Script” and tells us it’s all FAKE News — both leaders and GOP Parties are starting to look more and more like the PERSONIFICATION of EVIL Politics! Both leaders have made it ALL about THEM being so RIGHT when people with common objective sense can see they are fighting the classic battle of good v evil when trying to deal with them.

What is the GOP Legislature saying about all the reimbursements? What is the AG & Judiciary saying about all these reimbursements? The answer to these two questions is really what is going to matter most with the People, not some TRUMPED-UP LIE!!! The thing about telling a lie is the old wisdom of “tell one lie but tell another hundred to cover that one up” which is what we are seeing. The Governor virtually PROMISED the People PROSPERITY with his Commonwealth Address and now we are starting to see the consecutive LIES to cover up that one LIE! First, we are reminded that the CNMI has generated a “DEFICIT” going back to 2017 that now totals over and est. 122 Million and climbing — that’s not prosperity but poverty!

Governor, Cheetos were not eaten by the people of the CNMI. The rifle case was not used by the People of the CNMI and please explain the 2 a.m. drinking & pizza party. But there is a host of other things that could NEVER be considered for Government use but thanks for letting us ALL know how much of a lie you are willing to tell as half-truths of some legitimate purchases doesn’t erase the whole lie about the others! Our Governor is NOT going to ever say he was wrong about anything like you-know-who in Washington that literally proves We the People are up against a whole lot of EVIL. One of the first lessons most of us learn as a child is to “FESS-UP” when our parents confront us and TELL the TRUTH but our Governor seems to have forgotten that all important lesson as he wants to fight the GOOD of the Law with his lies of Evil and he is already losing badly.

The GOP in the Legislature aren’t doing any better than the Governor too as they are his accomplices with the Governor’s evil as his protectors. They may think they are fooling all the people but it’s a known fact that no matter how good of a lie you are telling you can’t fool all the People all the time! Now the Legislature is trying to throw the focus to Medical Referral and the cost-cutting which is a Band-Aid that will eventually fall off. As an Economist, I informed the Governor when he FIRST because Governor that the Medical Referral Programs needs to be TRANSFORMED for real OWNERSHIP. The CNMI is virtually RENTING an entire Hotel on Guam spending much more that we would be spending if the CNMI was the actual owner. I’m sure most readers can see the good about the rational of ownership that will save the CNMI millions yearly and hundreds of millions over time. But no, that means doing real work to get the hotel. Our GOP Legislature can’t even cut cost without hiring someone to do the work. We are not paying them to hire others to do their job as cutting-cost is a very simple thing to do if you learn to put-your-heads-together with all the stakeholders — it’s called leadership. But no, they are spending money to save money, duh! They should also be cutting DOWN on the size of Government as it was only a few weeks ago the Governor was talking about hiring an additional 88 workers and now we are facing austerity, HELER!

The big problem is that our Government has put most of our eggs in one basket and those with wisdom know what that can mean and now we are seeing it. The over commitment to the Chinese Market is continuing to “back-fire” and even “blow-up” in OUR faces. I know some may not like to hear these three words as I didn’t like it either when my MaDear said them to me but I have to say I TOLD YOU SO! The Governor NEVER considered the instability and unpredictability of the Chinese Market and now their worst thoughts or even things they never thought are now coming to fruition. I was for broadening the Tourist Base with the Chinese Market but not at the expense of losing the Japanese Market. The Chinese Investors should have been literally STEERED to Tinian where the Chinese Market was already established with a Casino that only needs real “Ferry Transportation” from Saipan as once the Ferries left the Casino died. The Casino on Saipan should have been a Japanese Casino but that sounds too much like common sense and the Chinese Investors wanted Saipan. The classic good v evil took place and evil won as greed is a deadly sin and now it’s killing us because of the leaders WE the People chose.

Just like I told readers in a previous Epitaph that DPL was planning to reduce the rate on Leasing Public Land it is now on the Floor to become law. The GOOD of the CNMI People continues to be eroded with the EVIL of our GOP leaders who seem to always work harder for big business and in this case it is the Chinese Investors. The most important lease on the table at this point in time is the Mariana Resort and we all know WHO wants it so WHO do you think they are lowering the rate for — wake up voters you are being set up to be cheated AGAIN! WE the People will continue to see these classic battles of good v evil until WE do something like vote ALL Democrat in the mid-term.

The one most important thing about evil that many people seem to forget about is that evil is also powerful which is why evil wins many of the smaller battles and even some big ones. But evil can never sustain itself as long as the good men & women refuse to stand by and do nothing. If you as a voter is tired of seeing the evil of the GOP it’s time for you to do something to put a stop to it and your ONLY option is to vote Democrat in the mid-term or you will continue to live the lies and deceit of EVIL — it’s really that simple! I’m not saying it will be the perfect solution to vote all Democrats but it will be the perfect start to RESTORING

our Government’s course FOR the People instead of FOR the Governor and his Crew who are literally working MORE for the Casino! To be continued: One People One Direction.

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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