CUSTOMERS of McDonald's Restaurant on Friday entered a new era of dining experience.

McDonald's reopened its Middle Road branch with a more modern interior design equipped with touch-screen QSR or quick serve restaurant self-service kiosks, new tables and stools, soft colors and a more pleasing lighting system to create a more relaxed ambiance.

Natalie Mable Ayuyu Glenn, executive assistant to the company president, said McDonald's Saipan and Guam wants to bring new life to the classic food chain.

“We want something that speaks to the time that we are in right now,” she said, noting the integration of digital technology, among other modern touches.

“We really wanted to elevate customer experience and that is where McDonald's is headed,” she added. “We’ve created a restaurant of the future with a beautiful space.”

The transformation of McDonald’s cafeteria-style design began on Nov. 8, 2021.

It now has 137 seats, a row of digital self-order kiosks and seats that are comfortable, sleek and easy to maintain.

McDonald's service crewmembers, for their part, use a state-of-the-art POS or point of sale system of registers with a sleek, built-in look and user-friendly features to make order-taking fast and more convenient.

In addition, McDonald's Middle Road will soon have a new exterior look and modern drive-thru.

McDonald's at the same time will continue to follow all the Covid-19 safety protocols which include requiring face masks for staff and other employees; temperature and wellness checks upon entering the building; and guests dining inside will need to sign in and provide contact information.


Friday's reopening of the newly re-designed McDonald's Middle Road was held in collaboration with a small local business, Tribe Marianas.

Glenn said she wanted to reach out to small business owners on island and give them an opportunity to host the event for McDonald’s customers. “I really wanted to do something outside the box and collaborate with such an amazing local brand, Tribe Marianas,” she said, referring to the apparel company.

Tribe Marianas co-founder and creative director Rob Travilla thanked Glenn and the rest of the McDonald's Saipan and Guam family and team.

He said as he was trying to come up with words to describe how he felt, he remembered that as a seven-year-old boy, he used to play with the toys that McDonald's provided to its young customers back in the day.

A collaboration with such a global brand like McDonald’s, Travilla said, is a “dream come true.”

He added, “I mean, wherever you are, when you see those golden arches, you automatically know you are home.” Whenever he's in a foreign country, for example, “I just look for the nearest McDonald's and I know I'll be good.”


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