hybrid model engine

J. Pete Roberto, Guam Community College associate dean, stands near the GCC hybrid model engine.

 MANGILAO, Guam —  Guam Community College has loaned Atkins Kroll Inc. Toyota Guam GCC’s working hybrid engine model to display in AK’s Tamuning showroom.

The partnership between GCC and AK is an effort to educate potential car owners about the benefits of owning a hybrid vehicle and doing their part to reduce carbon emissions. The benefits of owning a hybrid vehicle include improved fuel efficiency, less pollution when compared to conventional vehicles, and a high resale value.

The working hybrid engine model is used by GCC’s Automotive Service Technology Department to teach the basics mechanics of a hybrid engine, as compared with a fuel burning car engine. The Hybrid Engine Program will train students to assess, troubleshoot, and repair hybrid vehicles. Classes are being finalized and will be integral to the GCC Automotive Services Technology Department curriculum soon.

Ernie Galito, Atkins Kroll Inc. business development director, said they are excited to continue supporting GCC in attracting future technical students in the fields of automotive service, maintenance, and repair of hybrid electric vehicles. “Some of our Toyota technicians and service managers are former students of GCC’s automotive program,” he added.

“Offering hybrid engine mechanics as part of GCC’s Automotive Services Technology program had been in development for a few years, and we are excited to be offering these courses very soon,” added Dr. Mary Okada, GCC’s president. “This program is integral to GCC’s commitment to offer relevant career opportunities in developing technologies, and to GCC’s commitment to a sustainable future for our island and region.”

Jobs in the electric vehicles industry show great potential for new employment opportunities and employment is expected to grow in all of the major sectors of the industry. Additionally, jobs will cover a wide variety of occupations. The growth of the electric vehicles industry is evident by the increasing number of electric vehicles purchased over the past decade, as well as new models being introduced by numerous manufacturers.

“We want to showcase GCC’s hybrid engine model in our showroom and our service lobby, so our customers get a better understanding of how hybrid engines work.  It’s fascinating to see how both the internal combustion engine and the electric motors operate the hybrid model drive train,” Galito added. “We appreciate GCC’s support and hope this working model will inspire students to learn more about electric vehicles at GCC.”

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