Hotel representatives including Elly Stoilova, PIC marketing manager for web/Russia/CIS said that Anatoly, Irina Nagaytsev and their son Ilya received a variety of gifts and surprises including a nicely decorated room with welcome refreshments, complimentary room nights, discounts, toys and souvenirs for the family, a special event at the Seaside Grill and a tree-planting commemorative ceremony prior to their sunset dinner.

Stoilova said that the 20,000th guest arrival marked another milestone  in 15 years of catering to the Russian emerging market.

She said  the Nagaytsey family from Yakutsk, Russia who are repeater guests to the island will be staying until the end of the month.

“We didn’t know until the very last moment which family would be the lucky ones due to arrival date revisions for many Russian customers as snow storms across Russia have cancelled and delayed flights,” Stoilova said.

She added that they are happy to see Saipan repeater guests were the lucky ones as this is also a great way to thank them for choosing the island as their destination again.

“It allows us another wonderful opportunity to create more unforgettable memories on their Saipan holiday,” Stoilova said.

PIC welcomed its 10,000th Russian visitor in Oct. 2008. Stoilova said it took the hotel only three more years to attract another 10,000 customers from Russia.

She said the celebration of this milestone occurs just two weeks prior to Guam becoming a visa-free destination for Russian tourists.

“We hope the unique qualities that the CNMI has to offer all visitors as a destination will keep attracting valuable Russian guests for the unforeseeable future,” Stoilova said.

PIC thanks all the supporters and establishments that helped to make the Nagaytsey family stay here more memorable.

The Nagaytsevs are invited to enjoy a SandCastle Cocktail show and a “Stars & Stripes” sunset dinner cruise. They will also savor a Sunday Brunch at the Hyatt Regency and a chance to dine at Tony Roma’s, Capricciosa, Truong’s and Restaurant 360.

Hertz Rent a Car donated a Suzuki Grand Vitara for two days so the family can visit their favorite island’s scenic spots. Tasi Tours will also host the family to experience the beauty of Managaha. Pacific Subsea will help them to explore the underwater world of Saipan in the Deepstar submarine.

The Nagaytsevs will be pampered at the Mandi Asia Spa with a massage and they will race the go-carts at the Mariana Resort & Spa.

In addition, Stoilova said DFS has prepared an amazing luxury set and Joeten offered a selection with island souvenirs for the family. Lollipops surprised the Nagaytsev’s son with a set of collectable toy skateboards.

Stoilova said  since 1996, PIC has gone all out in developing the growing Russian tourism market including improving its Russian language website and island guidebook, as well as online social media accounts with current events and promotions with thorough CNMI travel information which provides answers to questions for those seeking a tropical holiday for the family.

PIC is the first hotel to translate into Russian all in-house information and collateral 10 years ago as well as enhance services for the Russian traveler by adding a DVD and book library.

“Today, PIC accommodates the needs of the growing Russian visitors with nine Russian staff,” Stoilova said. PIC, she added, is living the MTEC’s motto, “Tourism is everybody’s business.”{jcomments off}

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