The MVA page on Facebook called “My Marianas” which was opened last August now shows links to video clips highlighting the beautiful sights, sounds and tastes of the CNMI on Youtube.

Get the latest updates from MVA by signing up for an account at Twitter if you don’t have one yet ( and follow MVA @mva_­cnmi.

The My Marianas Facebook page which is the official Facebook site for MVA also contains colorful photos of the CNMI separated in albums and provides an avenue for fans to add comments and reactions.

You can also check out the My Marianas blog at for more detailed news, articles and updates.

MVA marketing manager Bruce Bateman said all these networking sites and a brand new English language website will be cross linked with each other and with MVA’s Japanese, Korean, and Chinese Language sites.

Bateman is asking the social media community to “bear with them as they put all these social media together and help make travel to and living on Saipan, Tinian and Rota easier, more accessible and more interactive.”

MVA is urging everybody in the community to check out their social networking sites, enjoy the postings, feel free to join and help get the word around to help bring back tourism and revive the ailing industry in the CNMI, Bateman said.

On Tuesday during the general membership meeting at the Fiesta Resort & Spa, the MVA introduced its new English website which has been underway for the past months.

For more information, call 664-3200.{jcomments off}

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