Businessman Bud White, who gave the Variety a tour of the high traffic tourist sites in the Marpi area, recently said  having no security in some areas such as the Suicide Cliff leave the tourists at the mercy of robbers.

The Marianas Visitors Authority yesterday announced that it had extended security services to Suicide Cliff.

Aside from the lack of security, White said  there are more issues of concern that need to be addressed, like the thick shrubbery and tall bushes surrounding  high traffic sites.

White said  the jungles around these tourist spots provide a safe escape route for robbers who have gotten bolder over the past months.

“Anyone can easily rob a tourist and run through the bushes and be gone. No tourist will ever think of chasing somebody into the bushes,” White said.

He said the government, MVA and other stakeholders in the tourism industry need to work hand in hand to address this.

“Clearing out the immediate surroundings of the high traffic areas on island would require only some hours of work, and maintenance afterward,” he said.

White earlier emphasized other issues that would discourage tourists from coming back and others to visit. These include the neglected road signs and maps providing information about the tourist areas, the unmaintained walkway that is now barely visible due to weed cover and erosion, and the lack of restroom facilities in most tourist areas in Marpi.

“There are still more. I am not nitpicking but just pointing out the weak points that we can improve so that tourist — the island’s main (and the only existing) industry will prosper,” White said.{jcomments off}

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