infrastructure recovery training

Trainers and participants in the second session of the infrastructure recovery training conducted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency pose for a photo  Monday at Aqua Resort Club.

THE second session of the infrastructure recovery training took place this week at Aqua Resort Club with 40 participants.

The first training session was conducted by the newly created Infrastructure Recovery Program in coordination with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Building Sciences Mitigation Assessment Team and Interagency Recovery Coordination.

The session discussed building resilience for infrastructure, building design concepts, identifying hazards, siting, design and construction of building foundations, roof systems, and building maintenance.

This training and small group sessions are taking place throughout this month, and includes virtual office appointments for CNMI community members, including those on Rota and Tinian.

These sessions aim to help enhance the skill sets of residential construction workers, general contractors, building inspectors, code enforcement officials, design professionals and other individuals involved in rebuilding the islands’ infrastructure.

“For each of the natural disasters we have faced, our FEMA partners followed through to ensure that we have had the relief needed to rebuild our Commonwealth,” Gov. Ralph DLG Torres said, adding that the ultimate goal is building resilience.

The governor noted that the CNMI has dealt with some of the most challenging natural disasters that the Commonwealth and the nation itself have ever seen, including Typhoon Soudelor, Super Typhoon Yutu, Typhoon Mangkhut, and now the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are still working toward recovery with this added challenge,” he said. “However, I know firsthand that the people of the CNMI are a hardworking, resilient community... By providing this training opportunity for our local professionals in the construction industry, we are all constructing resilience for the future.”

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