TARAWA, Kirbati (TAK) — The Tourism Authority of Kiribati has launched the online toolkit for the Kiribati Tourism & Hospitality Protocols for the New Normal, the country’s Covid-19 safety protocols for tourism and hospitality operators. 

Since the development of the Kiribati Tourism & Hospitality Protocols for the New Normal, TAK has delivered two-day in-person Covid-19 protocol training for South and North Tarawa tourism operators. Similar trainings are planned for operators in Kiritimati and other outlying islands in the Line and Phoenix group.

These trainings have helped tourism operators understand the important role they play in ensuring the safety of their guests and staffs once borders reopen. However, without a definite border reopening date, it is important that tourism operators continue to update themselves on Covid-19 safety protocol. It is for this reason that the online toolkit has been developed to allow for easy access to safety information by tourism operators and to guide them towards becoming Covid-19 safety compliant once Kiribati’s international borders reopen.

In addition to detailed safety procedures, the toolkit also includes printable Covid-19 safety protocol posters and flyers and employee training information. TAK is also developing a Covid-19 destination safety video which will be made available via the toolkit once completed.

The Kiribati Tourism Protocols for the New Normal was developed through consultation with the Ministry of Health & Medical Services, the World Health Organization, relevant government ministries, Kiribati Chamber of Commerce, and Industry, tourism operators, and local training institutions and was funded through the Economic Recovery Grant of the U.S. Embassy in Suva, Fiji.

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