CUC can’t operate Tinian power plant due to lack of manpower

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DUE to lack of manpower, the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. has to hire again a private company to operate the Tinian power plant, CUC Executive Director Gary Camacho said.

The 20-year contract of Telesource CNMI to operate the power plant ends in March and CUC will soon solicit bids from interested companies, which may include Telesource, he added.

He noted that CUC recently lost 19 power plant employees due to CW-1 restrictions.

“So it is extremely challenging to expand to another area,” Camacho said, referring to Tinian.

He added that CUC is now finalizing a new 20-year contract for the Tinian power plant. Once it has been reviewed and approved, an invitation for bid will be out immediately, Camacho said.

CUC, he added, has already completed an assessment of the facility and equipment at the plant.

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