NMI, Guam port officials share ideas

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COMMONWEALTH Ports Authority officials on Wednesday met with the chairman and the general manager of the Port Authority of Guam to share ideas and their successes and challenges in operating seaports.

Port Authority of Guam Chairman Francisco G. Santos and general manager Rory J. Respicio visited Saipan upon the invitation of CPA board member Pete P. Reyes who chairs the CPA board’s committee on ports operation.

In an interview, Santos said he and Respicio were honored to accept the invitation and have an opportunity to sit down with the CNMI’s port officials.

During the meeting, Santos and Respicio made a brief presentation on some of the ongoing projects at the port of Guam.

“We also shared vital information with the Saipan port officials about improving port facilities and how to move cargo faster,” Santos said.

Commonwealth Ports Authority board members Pete P. Reyes, third left, Ramon A. Tebuteb, right, and Joseph Diaz, left, with CPA Executive Director, Chris Tenorio, second left, and Port of Saipan manager Rodney Taisacan, second right, pose for a photo with Port Authority of Guam Chairman Francisco Santos and general manager Rory J. Respicio during a break in a meeting in the Port of Saipan conference room on Wednesday.  Photo by Emmanuel T. Erediano

For his part, Respicio said they also discussed Guam’s experience in preparing its port for the military buildup.

“We talked about our journey together with all the successes and challenges that we have faced over the years and we are facing now, and how we are going to move forward together,” Respicio said.

Reyes said they are trying to establish a good working relationship with their partners on Guam.

Amid the CNMI’s dire economic situation, Reyes said he finds it necessary to “think outside the box” in addressing the challenges faced by the local seaports.

“We are grateful that our partners on Guam accepted my invitation,” he added.

Reyes said he is also trying to identify grants that can fund the development of local seaports.

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