NMI has 3 new cases of Covid-19

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THE governor’s Covid-19 Task Force and the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. announced Monday evening that three additional people had been confirmed to have contracted Covid-19.

“These new cases, identified through contact tracing, are in stable condition and are safely isolated at Kanoa Resort,” Press Secretary Kevin Bautista said. “These cases are being closely monitored by CHCC medical teams. CHCC has already initiated contact tracing for the most immediate contacts (close family members, friends, and associates) of these new confirmed cases.”

Bautista said the new Covid-19 cases are all males, age 19, 25, and 27 years old, asymptomatic, and are contacts of previously diagnosed Covid-19 cases who reside in the CNMI.  Specimens were collected, processed, and confirmed positive at CHCC laboratory on Monday, he added.

“It is not clear whether these cases tested positive because of current infections or if the tests are detecting viral debris of a previous infection from which they have already recovered. Contract tracing evidence indicates that these cases were most likely exposed through a small gathering of people from different households,” Bautista stated.

“Even if you’ve tested negative for the virus, or have already been infected with the virus and recovered, it is essential for everyone in the community to continue to practice strict social distancing, and avoid public places as much as possible.”

The CNMI’s Covid-19 count is now at 19 cases with five active cases, 12 recoveries, and two deaths.

 Bautista said the governor’s Covid-19 Task Force and the CHCC “continue to make the best clinical and public health judgements possible with the tools that we have available to us, and ask for the community’s continued efforts to avoid contact with others, practice rigorous hand hygiene, and wear face coverings when in public places. These simple actions for prevention remain the best tools we have to keep ourselves, our loved ones and the most vulnerable safe.”


Prior to the announcement about the three new cases, Bautista said 19 individuals had been isolated for monitoring at Kanoa Resort.

They included a 17-year-old local male and a 67-year-old male from Guam who tested positive for Covid-19.

The 17 other individuals were identified through contact tracing.

“This is done to ensure the proper protection of these individuals and the community, and to eliminate the risk of potential exposure,” Bautista said.

The 17-year-old male was identified through the governor’s Covid-19 task force community testing, and the diagnosis was confirmed at the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. laboratory.

CHCC said the patient did not exhibit symptoms of Covid-19, but “the medical team is closely monitoring this individual in isolation.”

The 67-year-old Guam resident tested positive through airport surveillance.

At the Pacific Islands Club, which is another designated quarantine site, 11 individuals were undergoing quarantine, Bautista said.

Not everyone in quarantine wanted to be tested, he added.

“The ones who chose not to get tested will stay [at the quarantine site] for 14 days,” he said.

He does not have the number of individuals who refused to get tested. “But those who have opted for testing have been tested and if their results are negative then they can leave [the quarantine site].”

In a statement, CHCC said a traveler can be released from quarantine if he or she has proof of coronavirus test within the last 72 hours and the test can be verified.

“If not, the traveler has the option to provide a nasal specimen for testing, with the possibility that [he or she] will be released within five days if the test is negative, or can voluntarily stay in quarantine for 14 days if no symptoms develop,” CHCC stated.


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