Rev & Tax provides update on stimulus checks

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WHILE thousands of economic impact payments, or stimulus checks, have been issued to Commonwealth taxpayers, there are still a handful in the NMI who have yet to receive theirs.

Director of the Division of Revenue and Taxation Tracy Norita joined the governor’s online press briefing on Monday morning to provide an update.

“We have issued approximately 29,000 economic impact payments, totaling around $45 million. We are currently working to issue batches on a weekly basis, so that we have time for taxpayers to submit their documents. We now have a consistent schedule of releasing batches every Friday,” she said.

Notices are being prepared and are being sent out to taxpayers.

“What I encourage taxpayers to do is to keep this notice, so that when they file their 2020 tax return, they will be able to have a reconciliation with that notice, and claim additional credits, should they be entitled to more,” she added.

Norita said she is aware that several community members have raised concerns about the amount received on their payments.


Revenue and Taxation Director Tracy Norita speaks before the House of Representatives. Photo by Emmanuel T. Erediano

“I would just like to inform the public that adjustments to your payment can be made to the benefit of the taxpayer. If you received less, don't worry. You did not lose the money. You can still claim the credit on your 2020 tax return,” she said.

As for returning of checks that were mailed to outdated addresses, she said these should be immediately returned to the United States Post Office for official and proper handling.

Once received by the post office, returned checks will officially be mailed to the Treasury for proper distribution.

“I discourage anyone from posting checks that don't belong to you on social media or any other platform, because that could possibly be mail tampering. Please just return it back to the post office, and it will go through the proper procedure of being returned back to the government and back to our Treasury,” she added.

She encouraged people who have yet to file their taxes to do so, especially those with applicable child tax credits as these will be the next payments that the division will be rolling out.

“We are issuing payments as fast as we can,” she said, adding that tax returns that are filed properly without any errors are processed immediately and payments are issued to taxpayers.

If taxpayers have not received their stimulus check yet, Norita said there may be a possibility that there are errors on the tax return.

“What we have done is take these errors out, and we are contacting taxpayers for the information that we need in our system, so that we can release the payment,” she said.

“We are trying our best to respond to inquiries. We have the Division of Customs helping us by answering phone calls to help alleviate these inquiries. We are trying our best, and we just continue to ask for everyone's patience,” she added.

For more information on economic impact payments or stimulus checks, contact the Division of Revenue and Taxation by calling 664-1000 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The dedicated phone lines for stimulus check inquiries are 664-1013/1067/1090/1000.

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