Mount Carmel School to hold safe in-person high school graduation

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(MCS) — Mount Carmel School announced this week that after working with Gov. Ralph DLG Torres’s Covid-19 Task Force, it will be able to hold an in-person high school graduation ceremony.

The ceremony is slated for Saturday, June 20, at 4:00 pm at Mount Carmel Cathedral and will follow several safety protocols, including those that have recently been issued for churches and houses of worship.


Project Familia’s graduation banners for Mount Carmel School’s Class of 2020 seniors went up on Saturday thanks to  AlumKnights, MCS faculty, staff, parents and student volunteers. Project Familia photo

“We truly appreciate the guidance and support of Governor Torres and his Covid-19 Task Force for helping us make this graduation both possible and safe for our students and their families,” said school president, Dr. Galvin Deleon Guerrero. He added, “We especially appreciate all the help we have received from Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. Chief Executive Officer Esther Muna and task force chair Warren Villagomez.”

To ensure the safety of graduates, their families and friends, and school officials that will participate in the ceremony, the school will enforce strict safety measures that comply with all current social distancing and mitigation guidelines that have been set forth by the Covid-19 Task Force. Primarily, attendance will be limited to 25% capacity of the xathedral based on occupancy assessments from the CNMI Department of Public Works. To that end, a limited number of participation tickets will be issued to graduates and their families. Live-streaming of the ceremony will also be facilitated to accommodate family and friends that cannot attend due to the 25% capacity limit.

In addition, all participants will be required to wear face masks, and face masks will be provided to anyone that does not have one readily available. Participants will be also required to maintain a distance of at least six feet from each other, with markers and barriers laid out to guide them. Furthermore, the cathedral will be professionally cleaned and disinfected prior to the graduation and hand sanitizers will be available at each entrance point of the cathedral. Trained ushers wearing personal protective equipment will also be present to help enforce these safety measures. Additional safety protocols will be developed and implemented as the school prepares for the graduation.

Deleon Guerrero noted, “All our high school graduation ceremonies have historically been held in the cathedral, so this will be fitting and moving homecoming of sorts.”

For more questions about the graduation or the school, visit the school’s website at

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