Lucky Qiang Mart donates face masks, alcohol, hand sanitizers to Tinian mayor’s office

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THE Tinian mayor’s office received face masks, alcohol, and hand sanitizers from Lucky Qiang Mart on Tuesday, Mayor Edwin Aldan said.

“This act of kindness allows us to continue to follow the safety guidelines for the Covid-19 pandemic and help keep us safe during these hard times,” the mayor said, as he thanked Lucky Qiang Mart president Gregorio Q. Castro.

Aldan said Lucky Qiang Mart has been a very supportive partner of the municipal government and the island community.

Tinian Mayor Edwin Aldan, second left, with Lucky Qiang Mart representatives and other municipal officials show the donated face masks, alcohol, and hand sanitizers. Contributed Photo

The donations were turned over to the mayor by Lucky Qiang general manager Lin Qiang and sales manager Huang Chao.

Aldan said his office distributed the face masks, alcohol, and hand sanitizers to the resident offices of the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, the Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services, the Division of Customs, and other agencies serving the community.

He said the municipal government is also providing free face masks to community members who conduct business at the mayor’s office.

“We want to strictly observe the health protocols to prevent the spread of coronavirus,” he said as he also thanked local restaurants that donated food and health items for the frontline staff of the Tinian municipal government.




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