Rota farmers draw up specialty crop strategic plan

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THE Rota Island Specialty Crop Association or RISCA is now finalizing its strategic plan, its acting president, former Rep. Cris Ogo, said.

Ogo is also the program manager of the Indigenous Affairs Office.

He said RISCA is a non-profit group that aims to assist local fishermen and farmers on Rota.

In an interview on Wednesday, Ogo said, “We've been working on it since Feb. 7, 2020. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to postpone all of the scheduled meetings.”

He said they were supposed to hold their second quarter meeting on April 15, but it was not possible.

On Wednesday, Ogo said they started collecting data “to better serve our farmers and fishermen with a few questionnaires to answer so the board can better understand their needs.”

The data that will be collected will guide the RISCA board of directors when “spending the funds appropriated from Rota Local Law 12-1,” he added. 

They will hold their second quarter meeting soon and it will be a great day for new members to register, Ogo said.

The plan of the RISCA board is to turn that meeting into a conference “filled with information on resources, guest speakers, and many pertinent matters,” he added.

“RISCA will work closely with Rota [Department of Lands and Natural Resources] and [Northern Marianas College] Cooperative Research and Extension Education Services]. We will be collaborating with the Indigenous Affairs Office and Saipan DLNR to conduct a virtual ‘info session’ on June 16, 2020 at 6 p.m. on Rota about the grants available today from the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program. Jack Ogumoro will make a presentation,” he added.

Last month, the Department of Finance remitted $100,000 to RISCA as appropriated by Rota Local Law 21-2, which Gov. Ralph DLG Torres signed on Feb. 24.

For more information about RISCA, call Cris Ogo at 664-2664.




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