Racial equality & civil unrest

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(Press Release) — Through the voices and courage of residents of the Marianas, the Northern Marianas Humanities Council will feature a series of interviews on “Racial Equality & Civil Unrest” to take a deep dive into these issues through the lens of the humanities.

Our first conversation in this series is with Dr. Beylul Solomon of  Northern Marianas College. 

Dr. Solomon presents a broad view of racial equality and civil unrest from the perspective of the individual and society, at large.  She also shares perspectives on these issues in the context of the U.S., the Marianas, and her own personal experiences.

You can view a premier of Racial Equality & Civil Unrest featuring Dr. Solomon by visiting the council’s Facebook site, @670humanities, on June 29, 2020 (Monday) at noon. 

The Northern Marianas Humanities Council recognizes that the growing public demonstrations and protests throughout the U.S. and the Marianas has brought focus and awareness to the issues and conditions that perpetuate racial inequality and discrimination in our society. 

“The data, and personal stories of people everywhere, suggest that our world is filled with institutions, cultural norms, attitudes, and beliefs that continue to marginalize, disadvantage, exploit and discriminate against racial and ethnic minority groups,” said Humanities Council Executive Director Leo Pangelinan.  “In the U.S., discrimination based on race or cultural heritage is widely regarded as institutionalized or built-in to employment practices and access to housing, the media, financial and criminal justice systems, and our schools.  Our intent is for this Racial Equality & Civil Unrest video series to facilitate a deeper understanding of and discussion on these issues facing our country today.”

 All interviews will be posted soon after on the Northern Marianas Humanities Council’s YouTube channel. 

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