IPI told to hire competent CEO

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THE Commonwealth Casino Commission will review the credentials of the new chief executive officer of Imperial Pacific International once he or she is appointed by the IPI board.

“If we find that the person is not suitable, we will never license that person,”  commission chairman Edward Deleon Guerrero told IPI officials on Thursday during a meeting at the office of the casino commission in Gualo Rai.

Deleon Guerrero said the new CEO of IPI must be competent, has the authority to make decisions, and fully understands the casino license agreement, the regulations, the casino law and the situation on island.

“We’re not interested in seeing a person who just serves as a messenger of the IPI board,” Deleon Guerrero said, noting that over the last several months, following the resignation of former IPI CEO Mark Brown, IPI representatives who have appeared before the commission could not answer many of its questions regarding the many issues facing the casino.

Commission Order 2020-002 requires IPI to hire a CEO who has the authority to decide and able to speak for and answer questions in regards to the casino.

Commission vice chairman Ralph S. Demapan said IPI must be “very selective” in hiring a CEO.

“We all know very well the challenges IPI is facing now, and I hope the new CEO can hit the ground running, is  solution-driven and is able to identify opportunities even in a very difficult and complex situation,” Demapan said.

IPI senior vice president for public affairs Tao Xing told the commissioners that the casino investor is already in the process of selecting a new CEO.

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