Helping one another is part of Pacific culture

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ONCE known as Nuevas Filipinas or the New Philippines, the Caroline Islands were part of  the “Spanish East Indies” and governed by Spain from Manila, the capital of its Asian colony, the Philippines.

The Carolines consisted of the islands now known as  the Federated States of Micronesia and Palau.

Although the people of the Carolines and their fellow islanders in the Marshalls and the Marianas archipelago have  different cultures and languages, they have many commonalities.

They were, and still are,  into fishing and farming, and have passed on their fascinating oral legends to the succeeding generations.

But who we are now is as important as our history. We have learned from our ancestors that we have to take care of our environment, our culture, our faith, our families, neighbors, friends, guests and our fellow islanders.

Times may have changed already but, as islanders, we still believe in the importance of helping one another. And that is why in times of emergency, you will see us extending a helping hand. We will not allow anyone to be left behind especially during these uncertain times.

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