Rotarians to distribute care packages on Tinian

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IN collaboration with the Tinian International Women’s Association, the Rotary Club of Saipan will distribute pandemic relief care packages on Tinian this Saturday, new club president Sonya P. Dancoe, PE, said.

Rotarians will distribute care packages to over 180 families who were affected by the pandemic due to their family members’ loss of employment, she added.

The club has also distributed care packages on Saipan and Rota in collaboration with Karidat Social Services.

“Everyone in our community is affected by the pandemic and our club cares deeply for the welfare of those most vulnerable or are in need of a helping hand,” Dancoe said.

She said 15 club members will distribute the care packages on Tinian starting at 9 a.m.

She noted that this year’s Rotary theme is “Rotary Opens Opportunities.”

 Members of the Rotary Club of Saipan and volunteers pose with the care packages for Tinian that will be transported by  Micronesian Air Cargo Services. Contributed photo

On Tinian, she added, “we were able to work collaboratively with the Tinian International Women's Association.  We started planning this project a couple of weeks ago and we are thrilled with all the coordination that the women’s association has done on Tinian to ensure everything goes smoothly. This is the beginning of many new opportunities to build new friendships, to network and to collaborate on future projects with other organizations.”

Club member Judy Mendieta said the care packages were transported by Micronesian Air Cargo Services.

Club secretary Irene Holl, who has also organized the Friends of CW, said the  group will join the Rotary Club on Tinian where the Friends of CW will distribute 150 care packages.

The Rotary Club of Saipan is grateful to the following sponsors: Micronesian Air Cargo Services Saipan, Tandem Skydive Saipan, Dickerson & Quinn Distributors Saipan, Micronesian Brokers Inc. Saipan,  Payless Super Fresh and Truckload Store, Western Sales Trading Co., Hiroko Stewart, Marcia Ayuyu, Perry B. Inos, Ivan Ilmov, Curtis & Sonya Dancoe, Alfred K. Pangelinan, Karidat Social Services and Rotaract Saipan led by its president, Genelin Camacho.


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