Bill to create community improvement districts now law

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LIEUTENANT Gov. Arnold I. Palacios last week signed into law House Bill 21-68 which allows senatorial districts to create community improvement districts.

Authored by Rep. Ivan Blanco, H.B. 21-68 is now Public Law 21-30.

It allows for the establishment and regulation of community improvement districts or CIDs to enhance existing features or create new attractions within a district created by local law or regulations.

The purpose of establishing a CIDs, the new law states, “is to improve the community through infrastructure investment and create conditions that attract new growth. CIDs may include capital improvements, beautification, community safety, business retention and economic development.”

The concept of creating improvement districts was shared last year by former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hanneman in a presentation on private-public partnership that could revitalize the Garapan tourist district. He said this was done successfully in Waikiki.

Blanco said including Garapan and other tourist areas in “community improvement districts” will enhance their existing features and create new attractions that will be traditional, commercially feasible, and aesthetically pleasing.

P.L. 21-30 allows the senatorial districts to enact regulations and laws within their municipalities to establish  CIDs for the purpose of creating a better overall business and tourist-friendly experience.


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