CHCC, task force are strictly enforcing Covid-19 safety protocols

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THE Commonwealth Healthcare Corp.  and the Governor’s Covid-19 Task Force will take action against individuals who will not adhere to the safety protocols, CHCC Chief Executive Officer Esther Muna said.

On Saturday, the task force sought the assistance of the Department of Public Safety officers after two newly arrived passengers  refused to undergo  mandatory quarantine at Kanoa Resort.

The officers spoke to the couple. The woman, who is a U.S. Homeland Security agent, finally agreed, but her husband continued to be uncooperative, DPS said on Monday.

[Muna] added that the man was arrested for obstruction of justice and brought to the Department of Corrections where his temperature reading was recorded above 100° F. A specimen was then taken from him for a Covid-19 test. The results returned negative.

Muna said both individuals will be released from quarantine at Kanoa Resort if their fifth-day test is negative.

She said the two came from “hot areas” — Guam and Hawaii. “They did not present PCR [polymerase chain reaction] test results. They basically fit the category of Kanoa [isolation], but they refused to go there,” she added.

“Preventing risk to the community — that is what we are prioritizing,” Muna said.

CHCC and the task force follow a flow chart when evaluating individuals who need to be quarantined, she added.

She said they require testing especially for nonresidents or those who came from high-risk areas.

“It’s not about ruling out Covid-19. It is about making sure that you don’t have the infection.”

Muna said they monitor data declarations that provide information about an individual’s travel history.

CHCC and the task force will make the determination if an individual is eligible for self-quarantine or for isolation at Kanoa Resort, she added.

She said if returning residents can show their PCR test results, they will still get tested for Covid-19 and will be allowed to undergo self-quarantine. Individuals who do not have PCR tests will be  quarantined at Kanoa Resort where they will wait for the tests results.

“Our goal here is to protect the CNMI,” Muna added.

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