Saipan boat owners form new association

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(Press Release) — After months of discussion among boaters on Saipan, a new association has been formed to promote both recreational and commercial boating in all its forms. The Saipan Boaters Association will soon be chartered as a non-profit corporation.

The purpose of the Saipan Boaters Association is:

1) To maintain communication with members concerning any safety and security issues;

2) To work with local and federal authorities and legislative bodies to foster and promote boating activities and the improvement/establishment of marine facilities, and;

3) To promote safe boating/sailing through marine safety classes and sailing instruction, among other goals.

Over 30 boat owners and other interested individuals recently elected a board of directors who are tasked to conduct and manage the Saipan Boaters Association. Directors will make policies and procedures consistent with law and the bylaws of the association, and appoint committees to report and make recommendations to the board.

The association officers elected at the meeting are:

Diego Benavente (president);

Ray Yumul (vice president);

Robert Bracken (treasurer) and;

Ron Smith (secretary).

In addition to the officers, the five other members of the board of directors are Scott Shular, Don Smith, Joji Taguchi, Joe P. Deleon Guerrero, and Mark Hanson.

Benavente said, “This is exciting because I believe that we can do so much as an association to benefit the boaters in the CNMI.”

Ron Smith said, “The establishment of this organization provides boaters with a unified voice in the Commonwealth.”

Ray Yumul said, “Throughout the mainland U.S., most marinas have yacht clubs, boating clubs and other recreational clubs which stimulates interests in boating for the community to take part in, and this association will accomplish just that.”

The Saipan Boaters Association assigned board member Scott Shular to chair the fuel facility committee. Shular stated that “one concern we have is the lack of a fuel facility which is one of the priorities of the [association], because the current practice of refueling at the marina is not only inconvenient, it is also unsafe.”

Any individual who is interested in joining the Saipan Boaters Association as a charter member may contact any of the officers before the January 1, 2020 deadline. Regular membership enrollment will begin January 2, 2020. For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Ron Smith at tel. 287-5518 or Diego Benavente at 285-5848.

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