226 non-certified employees of PSS receive incentives

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THE Public School System on Thursday released $1,000 in incentives to each of its 226 non-certified employees, outgoing Associate Commissioner of Administration Kimo Rosario said.

The Board of Education approved the release of the incentives on Tuesday.

The non-certified employees include school support staff, administrative officers, bus drivers, maintenance workers and other non-teaching employees.

These employees are not covered by Project RESTART, which provided PSS  $12.3 million from the U.S. Department of Education to support the reconstruction and repair of public schools destroyed by Super Typhoon Yutu in October 2018.

Of this amount, $1.3 million was set aside for the retention incentives of teachers and other educators.

Rosario said 701 teachers, counselors, librarians, instructors and teacher aides each received $2,000 from this grant.

To provide a fair and equal treatment of all PSS employees —  as  articulated by BOE member Andrew Orsini and vice chairman Herman Atalig —  the board approved the release of $2,000 in local funds to each of the non-certified staff members of PSS.

“PSS has identified a funding source — its FY 2020 budget allocations, which will expire on Sept. 30, 2020 — for this expense,” Rosario told the board.

He said PSS does not have adequate funding to recall all of its over 700 furloughed employees, but “we do have sufficient funds to help these employees in their time of need in the form of releasing these awards to them.”

Another $1,000 will be released to each of the employees after local funds are transferred to PSS.

Rosario said PSS received $529,000 from the central government two weeks ago.

The total cost for the $2,000 incentives payout for the  226 employees is $452,000.




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