Have an ‘environmentally safe’ New Year’s Eve

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THE Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality and the Division of Coastal Resources Management are reminding the local community to celebrate an “environmentally safe” New Year’s Eve.

For example, Mallory Muna, BECQ communications specialist said, people should light fireworks as far away from the ocean as possible.

“Light fireworks as far inland as you can and do not aim them in the direction of the ocean,” she added.

“After they’ve finished and if it's safe to do so, please try to pick up whatever remnants of the fireworks you can and dispose of them properly,” she added.

Mallory said if fireworks are not disposed properly, the debris might be harmful for the animals and the ocean.

“Tens of thousands, if not more, fireworks will be lit over the course of just a few hours, which means that millions of pieces of debris will be left on the ground for wind or rain to wash away into our ocean which, obviously, is very harmful for the marine environment and the animals living there,” she added.


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