Man charged with assaulting cop

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BERMAN Higgins Jr., who was sentenced to prison for assaulting a woman, is facing new charges, this time for kicking and kneeing an arresting police officer, and for trying to run over the officer.

On Dec. 10, 2019, Higgins pled guilty to assault and battery. He admitted punching a household member in the face, fracturing her right orbital bone, and loosening at least one tooth. The domestic incident occurred on Dec. 23, 2018.

Higgins, 21, was sentenced by Superior Court Associate Judge Teresa Kim-Tenorio to serve 12 years imprisonment all suspended except 20 days for domestic violence.

The judge also placed Higgins on three years’ probation upon his release from prison.

For his new case, Higgins was charged with assault and battery, resisting arrest, and disturbing the peace.

Police said on Oct. 5, 2019, while conducting a routine patrol check at the Garapan Fishing Base, a patrol vehicle came across a white Toyota Corolla parked near the WWII bunker with its lights on.

Approaching the vehicle and knocking on its window, the police officer came face to face with Higgins who was naked. The officer said Higgins opened the vehicle door and tried to put on his boxer shorts and pants.

Higgins shouted at the police officer and said he was having sex when the officer interrupted him.

Higgins also approached the police officer in an aggressive manner and challenged the officer to a fight.

The police officer called for backup and reported that Higgins had gotten into his car and was trying to leave the area.

The officer said Higgins turned his vehicle around, headed toward the officer, and violently stopped the car in front of the officer.

Higgins got out of his vehicle and approached the police officer, but two other officers who had just arrived restrained Higgins.

He was then taken by an officer to the Commonwealth Health Center for a medical clearance. There, Higgins challenged the police officer to a fight. Police said as he was being led to the waiting room, he pulled back and kicked and kneed the officer in the groin.

A preliminary hearing for Higgins was scheduled for Jan. 6, 2020 at 2:30 p.m. and his arraignment was set for Feb. 10 at 9 a.m.

At the bail hearing held on Monday, Chief Public defender Douglas Hartig represented Higgins, while Assistant Attorney General Heather Barcinas appeared for the government

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