Zoning Board submits proposed amendments to legislative delegation

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THE Saipan Zoning Board has submitted proposed zoning law amendments to the Saipan and Northern Islands Legislative Delegation.

These include allowing adult businesses as “conditional use” within the industrial, Garapan Core, and tourist resort zoning districts.

In a letter to delegation chairman John Paul Sablan, the zoning office said the board is also recommending the inclusion of three uses under the cannabis use, which include cannabis retail, cannabis lounge, and cannabis farm. These will be permitted or allowed as conditional uses within selected zoning districts, but with a distance restriction of 300 feet from a school, playground, daycare, church, an adult gambling establishment or port of entry.

The zoning board likewise recommended the addition of a new section “to address the concerns of auto rental offices with rental vehicles within the tourist-oriented zoning districts and the urgent need to address the traffic congestion and public safety within those areas.”

In addition, the board recommended the removal of proposed “conditional” and “permitted” uses under retail sale and service within the rural zoning district; the removal of “adult business park” zoning district in section 514 and section 404 table of uses; as well as the clarification of the definitions of “farms” under section 405 (c); “townhouse and condominiums” under section 406 (k); and “hotel/motel” under section 408 (g).

Moreover, the board recommended the removal of the proposed rezone of lots abutting Chalan Hagoi in Susupe to village commercial zoning district “until such time that further feedback from residents is obtained.”

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