NMI Democratic Party road-side waving event | Garapan Fishing Base, Beach Road, Aug. 21, 2020

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Precinct 3 candidate Alfred Saures.


Young Democrats wave their campaign stick flags.


Precinct 1 candidate Antonio Blas “Potu” Cabrera with siblings Arlene Torres, Connie Togawa and Ana, and niece Regina.


Supporters of Precinct 1 Democratic candidates wave at motorists.


The Democratic candidates, their family members and other supporters display their campaign signs.


Precinct 3 candidate Denita Yangtemai waves at motorists.



Precinct 4 candidates Jenita Castro, third left, Rep. Sheila Babauta, second right, and Precinct 3 candidate Corina Magofna, back row, with supporters Sue Babauta, her husband John Babauta, Gloria Kani and Pete “Pange” Pangelinan.


Precinct 4 candidate Jenita Castro with husband Herman Manglona Jr. and NMI Democratic Party Saipan senatorial candidate Edith Deleon Guerrero.


U.S. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan, center, with wife, Andrea, Precinct 2 candidate Rep. Tina Sablan, Precinct 5 candidate Leila Staffler and her daughter.


Precinct 2 candidate Luella Marciano, center, with brother Gordon and another supporter.


Precinct 1 candidate Peter Muna.


Precinct 1 candidate, Benusto “Ben” Piteg with family members and other supporters.


Precinct 1 candidate Rep.  Edwin Propst with wife Daisy and other supporters.


Precinct 5 candidate Rep. Richard Lizama, Rota candidate Rep. Donald Manglona, Saipan senatorial candidate Edith Deleon Guerrero and supporters.


Precinct 4 candidate Rep. Sheila Babauta with her aunt Sue and uncle John.


Former Rep. Stanley T. Torres and wife Arlene.


\Precinct 2 candidate Rep. Tina Sablan and Precinct 1 candidate Celina Babauta.


Precinct 3 candidate Vincent Camacho.




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