Guam, Rota to witness annular solar eclipse

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THE annular solar eclipse on Thursday, Dec. 26, will be visible on Guam and Rota, according to the Eclipse Portal website.

During an annular solar eclipse,” it added, “the Moon crosses the Sun completely centrally; however, the Moon’s orbit is in a position whereby [it] is furthest away from Earth. This means that the Moon’s apparent size in the sky is not large enough to completely cover the Sun as witnessed during total solar eclipses. Instead, this creates a ‘ring of fire’ effect….”

The website stated that Guam and Rota are both in the path. “Guam being very close to the central line [will] witness…an annular eclipse lasting 3 minutes [while] Rota get[s] 2 minutes 23 seconds.”

The annular solar eclipse will begin at 3:35 p.m. ChST on Thursday, and will reach its maximum point at 4:56 p.m. ChST with 97 percent of the sun blocked by the Moon.

For their part, Tinian and Saipan will only witness a crescent shape sun since both islands are out of the path of annularity.

The U.S National Weather Service advises the public not to “observe a solar eclipse with the naked eye. Serious eye damage can result. Use approved solar filters or cut a pin hole in a shoe box and watch the Sun’s light cast through the pin hole onto a smooth surface such as cardboard.”

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