Saipan holds 20th Christmas Bird Count

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A DIVERSE group of community members participated in the Division of Fish and Wildlife’s 20th Annual Christmas Bird Count on Saipan, Wednesday, DFW wildlife biologist Emilie Kohler said.

The 15 participants included students and new birders, she added, “and many of them saw some bird species for the first time.”

The first Christmas Bird Count was launched in 1900 by New York ornithologist Frank Chapman as a new alternative to the Christmas tradition of hunting birds.

Back then, Kohler said, “people would compete to see who could kill the most birds, regardless of having any use for the carcasses.”

Over the years, through the Christmas Bird Count, the people’s perception of birds has changed, she added.

In the CNMI, “it has also fostered a connection between people and their natural heritage,” Kohler said.

“A lot of people would be surprised to know how many migratory bird species spend the winter in the CNMI. By contributing to the long-term data set, [participants in the bird count] are helping birds conservation efforts.” she added.

Volunteers who haven’t submitted their data yet may email Emilie Kohler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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