Hopwood principal, teachers, students thank Rep. Benavente for pavilion

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HOPWOOD Middle School principal, teachers, and students on Wednesday thanked Rep. Roman C. Benavente for the construction of a pavilion or pala-pala that students can use during their break time or outdoor activities on their temporary campus in Koblerville.

The construction of the pavilion, which is made of power poles knocked down by Super Typhoon Yutu, was completed on Monday. Hopwood itself was destroyed by the typhoon and has been holding classes in military tents in Koblerville.

Hopwood teacher Ben Seman said he and his students are very grateful to Benavente.

School principal Rizalina Liwag, in a separate interview, said: “On behalf of our teachers, students, and parents, we would like to express our big, big appreciation for the generosity of Rep. Benavente.”

Jaevon Ikelap, a 13-year-old student, said: “I thank Rep. Benavente for building the pala-pala where we can rest after playing basketball.”

The Hopwood pavilion is the fifth that Benavente has built using “recycled” power poles.

Two were constructed at Francisco Mendiola Sablan Middle School, one at Obyan Beach, and the other in Koblerville.

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