Therese Ogumoro to serve as zoning consultant

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FORMER zoning administrator Therese Ogumoro has been hired as a zoning office consultant.

On Wednesday, the Zoning Board, headed by chairman Mariano Taitano, approved her contract to provide “interim professional and technical support” for the administration of the zoning office.

“We really need help and support…for a smooth transition,” Zoning Board member Tatiana Babauta said.

Ogumoro’s resignation as zoning administrator took effect on Dec. 18.

Taitano has appointed zoning enforcement chief Yubert Alepuyo to be the acting zoning administrator.

“I am requesting for your full cooperation…as [Alepuyo] assumes this position’s critical duties and responsibilities,” Taitano told the board and staff.

Zoning legal counsel Christopher Timmons said the board may approve a sole-source contract for independent services because “it’s [for an] emergency.”

In an interview, Ogumoro said her contract is for two months only, but it can be extended.

She added that the contract will be terminated once a new administrator is hired.

No other details about the contract were available.

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