DPL will lift agricultural grazing permit  moratorium for Saipan

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(DPL) — The  Department  of  Public  Lands  is pleased   to  inform  the  general  public  that  it  will  lift  the  moratorium  on  the issuance   of  temporary  Agricultural  Grazing   Permits   or AGPs   for    Saipan   and  will  be  accepting applications in November. 

AGPs  for Saipan  have  been  on moratorium since  2006.  At that time,  DPL had  47 AGP permittees.

Lifting  the  moratorium will  allow  DPL  to  open  existing  public  lands,  laying  idle,  to individuals interested in utilizing   the  land  as a grazing   area  for  their  livestock. DPL  currently   has  41  AGP  permits,  which  are  scattered throughout  the  island,  but  mainly   located   in  the  Marpi  area.  DPL   continues   to  identify   sufficient sites  for livestock  and cattle grazing  around  the island.

Grazing  permits   are  temporary  and  are  renewed   annually  provided that  permittee  is  in  full  compliance with  the terms  and conditions of the permit  including the AGP  regulations. Allotted hectares  per  applicant  will vary  due to type  of livestock. Any  CNMI  resident   interested in raising  livestock   can  avail themselves of the  agricultural  grazing  permit once the moratorium is lifted.

Please  review  the DPL Temporary Occupancy Agreement regulations under  NMIAC  § 145-70-210:

DPL  designates areas  of public  land for subsistence farm plots

In an effort  to increase  food  sustainability on Saipan,  DPL  will  make  available  over  200  farm  plots,  consisting of 1,000 square meters,  to private  individuals for "subsistence farming."

This is a new program  under  DPL  in an effort to  help  reduce   our  reliance   on  imported   food  as well  as  allow  local  residents   to  maximize  public  lands.  These subsistence farm plots are temporary and renewable every  year.  The DPL  team  saw the community's response  as a result  of the  global  pandemic when  backyard   gardening became   a popular  past  time.  This  allows  us  to  collect  a minimal   fee  for  smaller  plots  of  land,  while  encouraging individuals to  grow  their  own  food.  These  subsistence farm plots  are intended  for cultivation of food crops.

DPL wants  to encourage cultivation of local,  sustainable food  sources.  With  the heavy  dependence on imported  food  sources  in our community, especially during  a time  of a global  Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to emphasize  the  benefits   of  subsistence  farming.   Subsistence  farm   plot   permits   are  also   on  an  annual   basis. Applications are open to all eligible  CNMI  citizens.

For more information, go to

DPL  Secretary Marianne Concepcion-Teregeyo  said,  "Our  goal is to maximize the use of public  lands  to benefit the community and it is also important during  this time to increase  food sustainability here  on the island  and reduce reliance   on imported   food.  I'm  thankful  that  with  the hard  work  of the  DPL  Planning   Division  Director  Pat Rasa and Surveyor  III Jack Diaz  and huge  support  of the administration,  that we are able to do both."

The lots for subsistence were identified through DPL’s Directive 7 initiative which was instituted by DPL Secretary Marianne Concepcion-Teregeyo on May 15, 2020. Directive 7 requires that the respective Divisions under Compliance Director Greg Deleon Guerrero, Planning Director Patricia Rasa, Homestead Director Irene Torres, Land Claims Teresita Guerrero and Real Estate Director Bonnie Royal review their land inventory listings and ensure that public lands that have not already been issued through a grant of public domain, grant of designation/assignment, homestead, lease, etc., are all accounted for. These properties remain on the land inventory for NMDs and Directive 7 ensures that encroachers are charged a fee and are eventually evicted if they refuse to pay for the public land use. Directive 7 is a diligent effort to achieve accountability for all public lands.

Through Directive 7, DPL has identified 10 additional Saipan Village Homestead lots within existing subdivisions. The Planning Division was tasked with maximizing existing subdivisions such as Kagman areas, since water and power are already in place. The additional lots identified are corner lots that remain undesignated, for example, the corner curve along Kagman III. Only people of Northern Marianas Descent are eligible for Village Homesteads, however a moratorium in accepting new applications has been in effect since 2006. During the start of this administration, in 2016, DPL had a total of 3,182 village homestead applicants for Saipan. Today there are currently 2,148 pending applicants. This is a result of the diligent efforts of the Division of Homestead in issuing out revoked idle homestead lots, as well as determining ineligible homestead applicants that have land registered under their name. Another Saipan Village Homestead lottery is scheduled to be held this November.

For more information on the subsistence farm plots, agricultural grazing permits and village homesteads, go to or

The Department of Public Lands can also be reached at 234-3751 or via email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DPL is located on the 2nd Floor of the Joeten Dandan Commercial Building. 

P.O. Box 500380, Saipan, MP 96950 ● 2nd Floor, Joeten Dandan Commercial Building Website: ● E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ● Facebook: Tel: (670) 234-3751/52/53/54 ● Fax: (670) 234-3755

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