Peter Muna shares vision for Precinct 1

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PRECINCT 1 Democratic Party House candidate Peter Reyes Muna  has been an entrepreneur for 17 years and has a master’s degree in education.

He said if the CNMI  government can “get our financial affairs in order” there are many things that can be done to create “a thriving and functioning community.”

The villages in Precinct 1 on Saipan, for example, can become a tourist hub like Garapan in Precinct 3, he added. 

Muna said Precinct 1 can be the sports tourism center of Saipan. A stadium for soccer and baseball in Koblerville would be a good start, he added.

If elected, he vows to work with other government leaders and the community in revitalizing Precinct 1.

He said the one thing that CNMI leaders need to think about  is what other types of tourism are possible in the Commonwealth.

“I’m thinking sports tourism. I love sports. If we have something here that could cater to Korean and Japanese baseball teams for spring training then that is another way of expanding our tourism, besides ecotourism,” Muna said.

He will also work with the Commonwealth Ports Authority in expanding the Francisco C. Ada/Saipan International Airport and enticing new investors to build a hotel or two near the airport.

But, he reiterated, “we need to get our financial affairs in order first.”

“And once we get that going then we can talk about what we can do precinct by precinct,” he added.

Muna is one of the vocal members of the community. He has testified in the Legislature many times about several issues ranging from retirees’ concerns to corruption in the government.

He strongly believes that the CNMI government should also prioritize “fixing our economy.”

Muna is also concerned about the way the CNMI government is handling its financial affairs amid “the influx of federal money.”

He said if not for federal financial assistance, “what are we going to do? Where are we going to get the money? Everything has stopped, tourism is literally gone. What if we don’t have the CARES Act?”

Muna said the CNMI needs to “change our path. It is not that we don’t have any money. We have the money now and we should be mindful how we spend that money.”

Aside from his many years as an entrepreneur, Muna also worked with the Public School System and a Public Broadcasting Service affiliate, KCTS Channel 9, in Seattle, Washington state. 

Muna was born and raised on Saipan and spent his younger days in Chalan Kanoa District 3.

His parents are Elphidia Cabrera Reyes Muna, a former teacher, and Manuel Diaz Muna, a former elected member of the Saipan Congress, the Congress of Micronesia, the Saipan Municipal Council and the Marianas District Legislature.

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