CHCC conducts sanitary inspections of food establishments

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(CHCC) — In October, the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp.- Environmental Health Disease Prevention  conducted sanitary inspections on retail, eating and drinking establishments.

The following are (a) the names of establishments by inspection grade, and (b) the names of establishments that were ordered to close for serious violations of health and sanitation standards. For these establishments, the suspension date and the date they were certified to resume operations are also indicated.

Food Safety Rating

  • 90-100 Grade A
  • 80-89 Grade B
  • 70-79 Grade C
  • > 69 Closure/Suspension

Grade A

1) Annie’s Ice Cup, Dandan

2) Royal Food & Coffee Restaurant, San Antonio

3) Saipan Seaside Restaurant, Garapan

4) New Majestic Chinese Restaurant, Garapan

5) Wallace Theater’s Snack Bar, San Jose

6) Milosun Restaurant, Garapan

7) Panda House Waffles, Garapan

8) Pacific Palm Restaurant, Chalan Kiya

9) Piggy House Restaurant, Chalan Laulau

10) Royal Supplies Wholesale, Koblerville

11) Saipan LaoLao Golf & Resort, Kagman

-    The Store

-    Golf Tower Grill

12) Stella Catering, Chalan Kanoa

13) PHO 8 Restaurant, Garapan

14) Bitoy BBQ, China Town

15) Marianas Creations, Garapan

16) Saipan Marianas Noni, Garapan

17) 153 Restaurant, Fina Sisu

18) Evergreen Noni, Chalan Laulau

19) Payless Super Fresh Supermarket, Chalan Kanoa

20) Sands Coffee and Bar, Garapan


1) Kalayaan Inc. Catering

2) May’s Bakery

3) Tinian Fuel Services Snack Bar


 1) Harvest Market, Songsong

2) Anne’s Convenient Store, Songsong

3) King’s Retail, Sinapalo

Grade B

1) Mo’s Restaurant, Chalan Kanoa

2) Tres Maria’s Market, Dan Dan

3) Best Market, Koblerville

4) Café Judy’s, As Lito

5) Haiyan Restaurant, Garapan

Establishments ordered closed for serious violations of health and sanitation standards

1) New XO Supermarket, Chalan Laulau (Closed on 10/4/20, opened on  10/6/20)

2)  Marg’s Bakery & Kitchen, Susupe (Closed on 10/20/20, opened on 10/30/20)

For more information, contact the EHDP  office  at    664-4870/72/73,  or  email  its director,  John  Tagabuel,  at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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