Docomo Pacific partners with Aura Air to improve air quality

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DOCOMO Pacific has partnered with Aura Air to improve indoor air quality in the Marianas, the telecommunications company announced in a virtual press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Indoor air is five times more polluted than outdoor air, Docomo noted.

“Air quality requires our attention today…. [With] most of us spending 90% of our time inside, every breath we take affects our overall health more than we may realize,” it added.

Docomo Pacific president and CEO Roderick Boss said, “Although our own business was once referred to as a service, I think we can all agree that it’s now more of a vital utility. I know that many of our associates have been working really hard and at their own considerable risk to keep us all connected.”

Healthcare professionals, he said, use multi-step personal protective equipment, or PPE, and observe safety protocols every day.

However, they are still having a hard time remaining Covid-19-free, he said.

“In our fight against the pandemic, we’ve tried to do our part by discounting our services, extending payment graces, and strengthening our network connections to cope with the increased demand,” he added.

He said Docomo supports front-line workers and medical teams through PPE and monetary donations, and continues to look for more ways to help.

“As concerned members of the community here in the Marianas, we looked at all of the areas where our business could possibly be a benefit at this difficult time. One area we looked at was air quality and the critical role it plays in our health,” he said.

Mold, pollutants, allergens, and airborne viruses like the coronavirus are all health risks relating  to air quality.

Docomo Pacific President and CEO Roderick Boss smiles during a virtual press conference on Tuesday. Photo by K-Andrea Evarose S. Limol

“We were able to find what we think is the best air filter available, one that would fit well with our ‘smart islands, smart life’ focus. We’re really proud to partner with Aura Air and bring in this revolutionary product to Guam and the CNMI, so we can all breathe easy,” he said.

Improved air quality can equal better respiratory health, a stronger immune system, and better sleep and overall health, he said, which can be tracked and monitored through home or mobile terminals.

“As we move through our program today, we want to be really clear that this filter that we’re going to present does not claim to be a replacement for PPE, but it becomes an added layer of protection,” he stressed.

Boss encourages  community members to continue washing their hands, wearing a mask, maintaining a safe distance, and following mandates set forth by the government and health professionals.

Aura Air sales and business development vice president Roei Friedberg, for his part, introduced the Aura Air filter, explained how it works, and why it is especially needed for health and safety in today’s climate where pollutants and

airborne viruses threaten the quality of life.

He said it can be used in hotels and hospitality, educational institutions, commercial property, healthcare centers, co-working spaces, multi-family residential homes, transportation, and nursing and rehabilitation homes.

The company operates in more than 44 countries and has partnered with institutions such as the University of Maryland, Hilton Hotel & Resorts, Carrier commercial buildings, and the Palace of Spain.

Docomo Pacific recently delivered Aura Air units to Guam Memorial Hospital.

Since day one, Aura Air has been working with leading institutes globally, said Friedberg, adding that these include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Sheba Medical Center in Israel, and Spain’s Ministry of Defense.

“The idea now is to operate…in a safe and healthy environment…. We are proud to work with Docomo Pacific and assist in these difficult times,” said Friedberg in closing.

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