OPINION | Epitaph 117: I can’t BREATHE & Betrayal          

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THE RIGHT to PROTEST is a 1st Amendment RIGHT as our founding fathers KNEW there would be a real need for the People to protest and they even WANTED People to protest to keep our Government in “check.” 

America was founded on protest against the King of England and protesting is a very “necessary & proper” expectation OF the People. Locals need to understand protesting is an “ESSENTIAL TOOL” in governing because without protest our government can easily go wrong and even corrupt like we are witnessing in the CNMI. This is not just about the murder of George Floy and the protest as it is also about the betrayal of our Governor and Legislature that can lead to an “I can’t breathe” moment in the CNMI. I’m not talking about a Police issue but a Governing issue of the People of the CNMI that can literally be the “last-straw” just like George Floyd. 

I have been saying for years the Local People need to LEARN HOW to protest when BETRAYED which is the MAIN reason, we are in this sad state of affairs politically needing the FBI to solve our OWN criminal problems because WE obviously can’t do it ourselves. I also want to thank CNMI Lawyer for his good and respectful suggestions, just wish other commenters would learn “real respect is a RECIPRICAL phenomenon that flows between people”!

Many of the things I have written about like the “NO Casino Betrayal” followed by the “IPI Favors of no taxes, extensions, legal loopholes by Law and the & Mariana Resort Betrayals” and now we are even learning about the Governor giving IPI OUR Money Betrayal and they don’t even have it now as IPI can’t pay anyone and are being sued by virtually everyone who have done work for them. People have literally “DIED” because we have an “unfunded liability Medical Referral Program” that delays and tries to save money but tooo many have gotten to Guam, Hawaii and the Philippines toooo late and die — true stories, as my friend “Joe” even died on the plane and one young man died the day before he was leave after his parents begged the Governor. OMG, I don’t have to tell the informed citizens about the mainland that each of these issues would have filled the streets with protesters that would surely be more peaceful in the CNMI.  But nonetheless the protest will make the People’s points CLEAR and even addressed appropriately as our leaders work for YOU! However, when our leaders do these ugly and illegal things and others like “refusing to tell us what they did with OUR Money” there is NOTHING done even though the minority was calling and even YELLING for investigations that was thrown in the trash by the Speaker. They needed and still need voters help to become a majority and they needed protesters to get on the case of the GOP to make it easier for them. I’m truly upset the GOP changed my recommendation and lowered the requirement for a License to grow marijuana from 10 years to 5 years and they did it for Chinese Investors, not for locals who have lived here all their life — HELLER! They are betraying the Locals left & right, up & down IN THEIR FACE setting the conditions for an “I can’t breathe” moment especially if the law remains killing Locals’ chances as growers that is REAL!  Local growers in Colorado are now outraged being run-out-of-business by guess who — Chinese Investors with multi-million dollar grow facilities. Entirely TOOOO much betrayal going-on and if WE the People had started protesting a long time ago a LOT of the troubles WE are stuck in now would have never happened — they would have been TOOOO darn SCARED, for TRUE.

Our GOP has let power make them truly arrogant, stubborn, deceptive and scandalous. They believe they can get away with anything because they have the power and they KNOW the People won’t protest. FYI readers, PROTEST is the way and method to MAKE the Government do what the People want. You can be assured there is going to be a big push AGAIN to implement new Federal Law to govern over Police that the Republicans have been fighting against ever since Richard Nixon’s Law & Order LIE. If change doesn’t come you can bet America will be right back facing protests even at a higher level as the WORLD in now in solidarity with Blacks because these nations have experienced similar and even EXACT incidents like George Floyd. But this is not the first time I have written about the need for Locals to protest just like this is not the first time a Black Man/Woman was literally KILLED by the Police. I just wonder when will Locals learn to protest and what will it take to push them over the edge.

The GOP has been playing this “Culture Game” with the Locals like they care sooooo darn much about what locals do with THEIR land and making sure only Locals are in positions of real power. But who do the GOP mistreat and rob, our children with Bonds, teachers, retirees and now NMDs!  In reality, they’re all smoke & mirror-plays by our GOP because they KNOW it is virtually against the cultures to protest against leaders. If you really look at the mini protest in the past, they can ALL be tied directly to the Local Culture but never to create change or new laws. Only the Democrats have protested in small numbers to address the corruption that has been going on for over two decades under the GOP reign. But I have yet to really see the PEOPLE out in droves protesting. In fact, when Governor Fitial was caught there was only “ONE lady” protesting for his impeachment. I was the only one protesting for students on the mainland to get their checks they so badly needed like I was the only parent with children in that desperate situation — parents wouldn’t even protest for their kids. More recently, there was only ONE protester over George Floyd and I wish I had known but I will be there this Friday at Toyota — 4 p.m. One-day the protests are coming, it’s just a matter of time before retirees, students, teachers, government employees and us regular folks-in-the-cheap-seats will have seen enough just like the people on the mainland have finally seen ENOUGH murders of Blacks by police.

The great thing is I don’t anticipate the people of the CNMI ever rioting and looting like we see happening. WE have a great group of “Peace Officers,” which is their actual technical name, even though the leadership has become highly questionable. But I truly don’t see our Peace Officers reacting in an ugly and contemptable way towards protesters, especially when many will be family.  Which reminds me that I tried to watch FOX news just to see what they were saying about the protest but I could only take 7 minutes of the misleading rhetoric and even lies construed as opinions of truth. It was just a horror reprehensible and even sacrilegious for FOX to try and show #45 in a good light after gassing and shooting protesters with rubber bullets just to hold a bible upside down in front of a church for a photo-op but you would think it was great if you watched FOX. I truly feel sorry for the Americans who watch this “brainwashing fake-news” on a regular basis because they don’t really know the true realities of their nation and our supreme leader #45. Heck, #45 is just using what phycologists call “reverse phycology” to promote FOX by calling the mainstream media fake-news but all informed Americans who are not racist with common sense watch CNN. ONE DAY, as my mother might say, conservative Republicans (White Americans and a few people of color) will get-it racism must DIE.  The CNMI is going to face its “I can’t breathe” moment(s) too if we don’t change our government and the course the GOP have set for us to NO-WHERE, as the casino was their ONLY hope and its almost DEAD! We have been literally going from betrayal to lie (a casino forced on us with a promise to fix our economy) to betrayal and another lie (PROSPERITY but giving IPI control over OUR 37 million they don’t have anymore) ending up back in austerity followed by austerity which is a pattern that has truly played out over time with other issues under the GOP. The mid-term elections are not just about the candidates on the ballot but our very livelihood and future as One People because the GOP definitely have the CNMI on course for our own “I can’t breathe” moment and I really pray voters will vote ALL Democrat so I don’t have to say I Told You So again. Its informed & active citizens who make real changes happen so tell a friend to tell another friend to vote DEMOCRAT! To be continued: One People One Direction with prayers for the Floyd Family, Protesters, the CNMI and America.

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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