The passing of Mr. Younis

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IT has been a very long time since I have felt compelled to write to the editor of Variety.

But the passing of Mr. Younis, as I always called him, is a time when I felt I had to say a few words about him.

Before that, I would like to pass my condolences to his three lovely kids who are all my friends, Laila, Farah and Amier.

I met Mr. Younis almost 17 years ago, and when I told him that I was part Lebanese, he kinda adopted me as one of his own.

He talked to me about his life in Israel, his family over there, why he ended up in Saipan, and was never shy to share his convictions.

He was always very strong about his beliefs, and wasn't an easy man to move in a direction he didn't want to go. You were either his friend who he would do anything for, or you were not.

In a world where it is hard to know where people really stand on things, the kind of man that he was will certainly be missed.

Mr. Younis loved playing golf and was my teacher, often beat me in the early years when I was just learning. I remember always hitting my balls out of bounds and into various hazards and he would look at me with a look like "why did you do that crazy shot?" And he would trudge into the bushes and mud to retrieve the ball. I would tell him, " Mr. Younis, no need" and he would say "let's not waste the ball."

He was a very gritty guy, one of those guys that people would call old school.

In those early years, Mr. Younis and Variety really supported our family in our desire to invest in the CNMI. He did it not in exchange for anything, but because he believed we would do a good job with the company and be a good member of the community.

I hope we have not let him, his family, and Variety down.

Mr. Younis, on behalf of our family, and the IT&E family, we will miss you. I know that today, Saipan lost one of its own, one of its best. May you rest in peace sir.




President and CEO

Citadel Holdings Inc. (parent company of PTI Pacific Inc. dba IT&E)

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