On the passing of Marianas Variety founder Abed E. Younis

Letters to Editor
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IT is with solemn sadness that we express our deepest condolences to the family of a man whose name is immediately associated with the most widely read newspaper in the Northern Marianas, Guam, and all over Micronesia. We mourn with the rest of the Marianas on the passing of Mr. Abed E. Younis, who brought the profession of journalism and news reporting to a new level by constantly improving Marianas Variety, a local newspaper that has informed and entertained the people of the Northern Marianas for over 48 years.

In the driver’s seat, Mr. Younis steered Marianas Variety newspaper from a simple newspaper in our nascent Northern Marianas Commonwealth community to what it is today — a sophisticated media outlet that reaches an audience of hundreds of thousands daily. No matter where a reader might be at any given time, catching up with events happening in our Marianas is conveniently easy and current.

Mr. Younis made Saipan his home and cared for it. His generosity helped built our community to be unified and caring; throughout his lifetime, he gave so much to improve our lives and stay the course of moving forward together.

He leaves behind a great legacy that will forever remind all of us of his kindness and foresight to make our Marianas the best place to live. To his family, we thank you for making us a part of Mr. Younis’s life. We will forever miss him.

Si Yuus Maase, Mr. Younis.


Mayor of Saipan

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