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MY thoughts on the Coronavirus or Covid 19 pandemic? It is just starting. We have not reached its peak yet. Take a look all around you. Take a look at what is happening to the world. It is just a matter of time until the next wave occurs. And the next. And the next. Unless we find the antidote.

What of our antibodies? They don’t know how to react to the virus. And this reaction is what is killing its host. They are perplexed as we are. Who are these strangers? They don’t know how to combat these new invaders!

We have identified the disease but we don’t know how to stop it or to put an end to it. It is like an angel of death that is wreaking havoc in every nation. We have not seen anything like it. It is unprecedented. But we have witnessed its destruction. And for some, they have experienced its wrath firsthand. The victims who succumbed from it and the front-liners who with their own eyes have seen and know of its horrors. How it destroys lives. How it destroys friends, loved ones and families. Their hearts have been broken because of the death that this pandemic brings. It is even more destructive than any hurricane we've seen. More destructive than any earthquake we've experienced. More destructive than any storm or tsunami.

What of its antidote? The vaccine? We have read some positive results of antibodies testing but it is still long way off. It is like staring into the horizon; so near and yet so far. But I am optimistic. The only thing we can do right now is to slow the spread of the virus. How? Through social distancing, taking precautionary measures, taking care of our health and by staying in our homes unless it is necessary to leave the house. Be updated also by reading the news. And lastly the one thing we can be of great help and not add to the problem is to stop being a Covidiot! Remember, the majority of us are not immune to the virus. Some are lucky but some are not.
What caused this virus? How did we get it? Was it from a lab? From a bat? It was greed. Greed was how we got this virus. Indulging in taboo. Greed will not solve this pandemic. Why don't we try shedding a little greed and try empathy instead. Share when we can. No matter how small. We have the antidote. We are better than the disease.

Gualo Rai, Saipan

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