R.I.P. Captain Caveman

Letters to Editor
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RICHARD Gramlich aka “The Man,” “ The PAO,” surf on brother!

As you come over the top, remember me. You surfed life. Your relentless pursuit of the perfect wave. And upon your descent, you will gain speed. Let the calm wash over you, embracing you, reminding you, go on brother. Captain caveman, a brother to his friends. To his students, Mr. Gramlich, or Mr. G. I hear him getting ready to ride!

Ease into it, right there, stand smiling riding away. You choose your wave in life. Ride on brah.

You once told me to ride the wave with no hesitation, no remorse, and with a no holds barred attitude. These were the words of my wise friend, who grabbed life by the horns and never let go. Ride on brother, ride on!!

Until we meet again,

Roseville, CA



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