BBJ Fitness Corner | Timeless: Fitness as we age

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MANY believe that health and wellness mean having a ripped and toned body. This mindset affects the way our youths approach their fitness goals.

“We must understand the interconnections between physiological and physical results based on our daily approach to fitness as we age,” Gold's Gym personal trainer Jerry Diaz said. “There are many factors to consider when I draw up a fitness plan for my clients, friends, and family. I must consider an individual’s age, assumed body type, fitness goals, accessibility to gym equipment, health background, and training experience.”

He said it is important to match an individual’s training program with the individual’s current fitness level and capabilities. “This is one of the main reasons why, as a professional fitness trainer, I continue to expose myself to various fitness training certification programs regarding fitness nutrition, Pilates, movement principles, primal flows, and sports-performance training. I want to meet an individual client’s goals safely, properly and with joy.”

Coach Rufino Aguon remains physically active by farming, cooking and fishing. Contributed photo

For example, when training individuals 17 years old and below, Diaz prefers to utilize bodyweight training that includes planes of motion. He wants young individuals to create a solid foundation that includes exposure to joint, cartilage, muscle, and resistance impact as they gradually explore higher level resistance.

For young adults to middle-aged individuals, Diaz said it is important to create and follow a fitness program that matches their goals without overtraining.

“As a trainer,” he added, “I will ask the individual if the training regimen he or she chose matches his or her goals.”

 For example, if an individual is interested in joining a bodybuilding competition, Diaz will refer the individual to an experienced trainer with bodybuilding experience.

 If an person is looking for physical therapy to recover from an injury, Diaz will refer the individual to a physical therapist who can provide valuable guidance.

Coach Walter Mendez of the China Town Titans dribbles the ball during a practice session. Contributed photo

As individuals grow older, Diaz said it is highly important to maintain a fitness routine and focus on prevention. Many individuals who are not self-motivated are discouraged to start due to fear of injuries. Others who started doing workouts give up after gaining weight.

“Individuals must perform movements and resistance appropriate to their fitness level,” Diaz said. “For beginners, it is highly suggested that they see their doctor first and seek a qualified fitness trainer with the proper credentials.”

It is also essential to avoid getting “boxed-in” to a single fitness and nutrition approach, he added. An individual, with the help of a qualified trainer, must continually assess his or her fitness goals, Diaz said.

It is likewise critical to avoid comparing oneself with individuals we idolize such as fitness celebrities, he added.

“As we age,” Diaz said, “our fitness regime that has produced a desired result must change due to the changes in our anatomy. Hence, it is important that we also change our approach.”

Did-you-know fitness facts

• The heart is the strongest muscle in the body.

• Nearly 50% of all young people 12-21 years old are not vigorously active on a daily basis.

• For every pound of muscle gained, the body burns 50 extra calories every day.

• Only 13% of men are physically fit.

• More than 30% of children 6 to 11 years old are overweight, and over 15% are obese.

• Exercise makes you feel more energized because it releases endorphins into the blood.

• Movement in exercise helps relieve stress by producing a relaxation response.



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