BBJ Fitness Corner | Understanding the process of weight loss

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“A CLIENT once called me a ‘mad scientist,’ referring to my professional belief and strategical approach to make his fitness dream and goals a reality,” Gold's Gym personal trainer Jerry Diaz said.

“My favorite quote in everything I do is, ‘Trust the process.’ Similar to everything in life, there is a process in creation. If an individual doesn’t take the proper approach, no matter the setting or goal, it would only lead to disappointment and frustration. Instead of leaving result to faith and assumptions, it is best to use data and understand how our body functions. As a professional fitness and nutrition trainer, I utilize that approach.”

Kat Taylor Coldeen, center, with Gold's Gym trainers Kelvin Fitial, right, and Jerry Diaz.

Diaz said it is important to understand the process of weight loss and the elements that play a huge role in making it happen. For example, he added, it is critical to be aware of how one's Resting Metabolic Rate or RMR works.  RMR is the total number of calories burned when your body is completely at rest. Body type, age, health background, life status, and environment are also important factors to consider.

In addition, you need to understand what calories are. Calories are the energy in food we consume. Our body has a continuous demand for energy and uses the calories from the food we eat to function. Energy from calories fuels our every action. We need to eat so our body can function appropriately to lose weight and meet our other fitness goals.

Diaz said if an individual cuts about 500 to 1,000 calories a day from his or her diet, he or she will lose about one to two pounds a week.

“Here is a professional tip that I utilize for weight loss,” he said. “It’s called thermogenesis, which means ‘the process of creating heat within the body.’ It’s similar to metabolism since the body burns calories in order to produce heat.”


Kat Taylor Coldeen performs reverse lunges at Gold's Gym during a personal training session.

Thermogenesis happens when one exercises or performs daily tasks such as cooking or standing. Calories are also burned during digestion, absorption, and storage of food.

Diaz said thermogenesis can be influenced by our diet, exercises, and the temperature of our external environment.

But again, prior to starting a fitness journey, it is important to seek professional help, Diaz said. With the proper diet, workout, and motivation, he added, we can reach our fitness goals. However, staying fit requires another process that we also need to learn.

Did-you-know fitness facts

  • We need to burn about 3,500 calories to lose one pound of fat.
  • Eating more protein may boost our metabolism.
  • Doughnuts, soda drinks, white bread, and crackers can slow weight loss.
  • More muscle mass translates to more calories burned even when resting.


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