Colin Sinclair shares experiences as a pro tennis player

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IN episode one of the NMI Tennis Podcast, Colin Sinclair recounted his early experience as a professional player of the International Tennis Federation and the Association of Tennis Professionals.

 “I played my summer straight out of college,” Sinclair said. “I went straight to play…in New York” where he qualified, but he suffered a few losses.

From New York, Sinclair flew to Belgium with a colleague to compete in the Association of Tennis Professionals. “I managed to qualify and get my first ATP point, my first ranking.”



Colin Sinclair, left, with other players of the NMI Tennis Association. Contributed photo

Since then, Sinclair has been competing in tours, including pro finals, in Europe and Australia. “The confidence kept growing tournament after tournament,” he said. “The first final that I made, I had never been to a semi-final before that tournament. I got lucky with a couple of good draws. I guess when you’re playing well you don’t really care about the draws too much, you just keep winning and it just feeds into itself.”

He then went to compete in California where he notched his first single title as a pro. “I didn’t really enjoy it; it was just a relief,” he added. His advice to young players: “Just stick with it — persistence. If you’re not getting the results at 18, I don’t recommend you go pro, but definitely try and make college work for you. There’s definitely still time.”

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