Nathan Camacho is Amigos’ May Ace

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NEWCOMER Nathan Camacho has finally earned a seat with the rest of the aces after topping the Amigos Golf Club May tournament at the Kingfisher Golf Resort.

Camacho, who placed third in the April tournament, this time outperformed 37 other players to secure his victory. During the qualifying round on June 21, Camacho completed the course with a low gross of 82 to put the odds in his favor. With a handicap of 18, his net total was reduced to 64, which put him ahead of the competition.

Nathan Camacho

The weeklong break did not affect his performance as he ended with a gross of 84 on day 1 of the tournament held on June 28. Camacho's handicap of 18 gave him a net score of 66 for a total net of 130 to secure first place.

Ed Terlaje shadowed Camacho, but fell short and ended in second place. On day 1, Terlaje scored a gross of 93 and with a handicap of 25 held a net of 68. He improved on day 2, grossing 90 and closing with a net of 65 for a total net of 133.

Taking third place was another young newcomer, Darrion Jones. He performed well, ending day 1 with a gross of 94. Supported by a handicap of 25, he closed with a net of 69. He continued to improve on day 2, grossing 91 for a net of 66. He totaled a net of 135 to earn third place.

Tying for fourth place with a 139 net total was veteran golfer and softball Hall of Famer Joe Sablan Sr. and Amigos president Joe Torres.

During the ace round, four players won closest to the pin prizes. Paul Kaipat made the list for hole #6, Ed Terlaje at hole #8, Dung Tenorio at hole #12, and Rick Sablan at hole #15. Each player received $190.

Aside from cash prizes, first and second place finishers along with closest to the pin winners Ed Terlaje and Dung Tenorio were awarded with free game certificates courtesy of Kingfisher Golf Resort.

The Amigos' June qualifier is scheduled for July 12 at the Kingfisher Golf Resort. 

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