Terry Guerrero is Amigos June Ace

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TERRY Guerrero outperformed 43 other golfers on Sunday to claim the Amigos Golf Club June Ace of the Month title at the Kingfisher Golf Links.

 Guerrero had her hands full throughout the two-day tournament. However, when it came to the green, Guerrero and her soft touch could not be matched. She completed the qualifier round with a gross of 89 supported by a handicap of 23 for a net of 66. 

On day two she slightly improved her performance with a gross of 85. Propped up by a handicap of 23, she completed the day with a net of 62 and a net total of 128 to secure first place.

During both days, Guerrero putted and sank three 10-footer pars for the save as well as five 6-footer pars for the highlights. In addition, she also had five skins for the round. Not only did she lock in her spot in the Amigos’ end-of-year Ace of Aces, she also won a free game certificate courtesy of Kingfisher Golf Links.

Mike Muna took second place. He ended day one with a gross of 96, which was supported by a handicap of 27 to end with a net of 69. He then strengthened his odds on day two with a gross of 90 to close with a net of 63 and a net total of 132.


Terry Guerrero

In third place was Frank Sablan who held the lowest gross on day one — 73. But with only a handicap of 10, he finished with a net of 63. He  lost touch in the Ace round, grossing 85 for a net of 75 and ending with a net total of 138.

Syl Ada finished fourth with a net total of 141.

In the closest to the pin challenge (par 3), Rudy Sablan took hole #6; Joe Tudela, hole #12; Jon Matsumoto, hole #12; and Frank Ermitanio, hole #15.

Each closest to the pin winner won $160 cash prize. In addition, for winning the designated holes #8 and #15, Tudela and Ermitanio won a free round of golf courtesy of Kingfisher Golf Links.

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