Balbin earns Rocball Master title

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(Press Release) —This year, 10 Rocball teams completed over 30 games in three months of competition.

They played a “round-robin” style of competition with a three-game elimination process. The four teams to make it into the best of three semi-finals are Power-Up, Laly-Four, the Strykers, and the Aces. Power-Up and Laly-Four ended the regular season undefeated. The winners of the semi-finals will advance to the best of five Rocball championship games.

This year, Isaac Balbin of the Strykers earned the title of Rocball Master. Isaac scored at least once in the six different scoring techniques of Rocball. Isaac scored court points, spiking down a served ball, serving two-point aces and xunks, scored two-point backcourt plays called kees, and scored three-point goals against his opponents.

In the category of players who scored at least three goals during the regular season of games are Able Amu of the Strykers, Nilo Calimay of Power-Up, Nunu Rasiang of WBI, Cadmiel Aque of Wanpipty, and Trey Aiken and Kenneth Kaipat of Laly-Four.

Rocball’s “Heavy Hitter” of the regular season was Isaac Balbin with 18 two-point aces and xunks and six goals which averages out to three aces/xunks and one goal per game.

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