MCS valedictorian earns multiple awards despite pandemic

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(MCS) —  Mount Carmel School recognizes 2020 graduate Kalea Lou Bullan Borja for earning multiple awards in her graduating class despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ms. Kalea Lou Bullan Borja is a graduate from Mount Carmel School’s Class of 2020. She earned the highest grade point average in her class and was recognized as the valedictorian for this year’s commencement ceremony. In addition to receiving the valedictorian award and many others, Ms. Borja also served as the student council president and worked part-time at Summer Snow in Susupe.

During the MCS Commencement Ceremony, Ms. Borja received the President’s Award, Governor’s Leadership Award, Loyalty Award, English Language Arts Award, Speech Award, and Drama Award.

“Kalea is one of our most driven and promising graduates,” shared MCS president Galvin Deleon Guerrero, EdD. “It’s one thing to be studious, but Kalea has always aimed to exceed expectations in all aspects of her life. Despite her obligations, Kalea continued to make a positive difference for her student body during our Leadership Team meetings and school events.”

“I never want to regret the things I don’t do in life, so I channeled that energy to put all my efforts into balancing my obligations for my family, studies, friends, and work successfully,” shared Ms. Borja. “I also wanted to inspire others and show them that with hard work comes blessings and achievements.”

Later this summer, Ms. Borja will be relocating to Hawaii to attend University of Hawaii, Manoa for psychology and will be taking online classes through the University of California Los Angeles for a pre-medical degree.


 Mount Carmel School recognizes 2020 graduate Kalea Lou Bullan Borja for earning multiple awards in her graduating class despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The Mount Carmel School’s Commencement Ceremony was held on June 20, 2020, at the Mount Carmel Cathedral. All safety guidelines provided by the Covid-19 Task Force and the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation were followed. MCS photo

“I am extremely grateful for the school’s efforts to continuously provide us with education and support even if it's from an online platform. Mount Carmel took this obstacle and worked many miracles to help not only the Seniors, but the entire student body to finish up the school year properly. Without their efforts, I don’t think I’d be able to take on this next step in my life as easily.”

Following Mount Carmel School’s mission, Ms. Borja aspires to give back to her community after earning her post-secondary degree. She shared, “I want to become a psychiatrist to serve as a resource for people seeking counseling. I want to be able to help people, most especially adolescents, figure out their feelings and provide them with love, care, and support that may not be available to them.”

“I want to thank Mount Carmel School again for all the opportunities, experience, and support I’ve been given. I don’t think I would have achieved as much as I have without the support of my school. Looking back, I truly believe the support of family and friends will keep you sane. However, the guidance of the school community is what helps create well-rounded individuals with the tools to succeed in life.”

She concluded by sharing, “It is extremely important to note that your work ethic and drive to grow as a person are what define who you are, not the amount of awards you receive. Be bold, be adventurous, be motivated, be Knight Strong!”

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